The Idea

The e-Learning module is designed to scaffold the learners in the process. Within the module learners have access to a library with PDFs as well as a YouTube playlist. Besides, the learners have the opportunity to practice the learned the content with quizzes. In this example, I present one quiz as an example.

The Design

In this section, I am giving three examples of slides in the module.

I use various quiz functions within the e-Learning solution. Besides common multiple choice questions, the learners have to answer this visual “multiple choice” question. The different brands stand for different archetypes and the learners have to decide which one belongs to The Sage archetype.

For this slide I used a multiple choice question with more than one answer. The learners have to choose which short shories belong to The Innocent archetype. Like this, they learn to recognize patterns in stories and for which archetypes they are standing.

On this slide, the participants read a short story and have to decide to which character/brand type it belongs. For this, they have to drop the star in the right star over the character.

The Result

Learners can access the e-Learning module before the live seminar and can prepare with the offered content. They are also asked to use the exercises after the live workshop to reinforce the learned content.