The Idea

In order to produce a comprehensive and engaging e-Learning solution a well-scripted storyboard is necessary. There are various options to choose from, if it is either a highly visual storyboard aka prototype or a more descriptive storyboard. As I am in this case the author and developed, I opted for a more minimalistic storyboard.

The Design

The e-Learning module is designed as a part of blended learning solution. As it is just for the demonstration purposes, I have focused on the development of a game to rehearse and therefore reinforce the 12 Archetypes in Branding. In the storyboard, I give a description of the visual appearance, and further details regarding narrative as well as a comment which function in Articulate Storyline should be used. The produced e-Learning varies slightly.

The Result

The storyboard is used to develop the e-Learning solution in Articulate Storyline.